How To Get Your African Cichlids To Color Up

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How to Get Your African Cichlids to Color Up

Understanding African Cichlids

African cichlids are some of the most beautiful and colorful fish you can find in the hobby. They are native to the African Rift Lakes and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. Although they may come in all shapes and sizes, they have one thing in common, they need to be kept in the right environment to bring out their colors.

Creating an Ideal Environment

The key to getting your African cichlids to color up is to create an ideal environment for them. This means providing the right water parameters, the right water temperature, and the right tank decorations. African cichlids prefer a pH of 7.5-8.5, a temperature of 74-84 degrees Fahrenheit, and a tank with plenty of hiding places and rocks for them to explore.

Providing the Right Diet

Another important factor to consider when trying to get your African cichlids to color up is their diet. A balanced diet of high quality flakes and pellets is essential to promote healthy growth and coloration. Additionally, frozen or live foods such as brine shrimp and bloodworms can be offered as a treat to encourage natural foraging behavior and promote coloration.

Providing Plenty of Light

In addition to providing the right environment and diet, providing plenty of light is also essential for promoting coloration in African cichlids. They need at least 8-10 hours of light per day, so make sure to provide them with a quality light source. This will help bring out their natural colors and make them look their best.


Getting your African cichlids to color up is not difficult if you create the right environment for them. Make sure to provide the right water parameters, temperature, and decorations, a balanced diet, and plenty of light. With these steps, you can get your African cichlids to look their best and show off their vibrant colors.

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