How To Get Rid Of Duckweed In Your Aquarium

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What is Duckweed and How Does it Get into My Aquarium?

Duckweed is a type of aquatic plant that can be found in ponds, lakes, rivers, and even canals. It is a small, free-floating plant with bright green leaves that feature a single root that is usually hidden beneath the surface of the water. It is often mistaken for algae since it looks similar, but duckweed is actually a type of flowering plant that reproduces rapidly and can quickly take over an aquarium. It can be introduced to a tank through a number of ways, including through water sources, plants, and animals. While it can provide a great food source for fish and other aquatic creatures, it can also take over an aquarium very quickly and become a nuisance.

What Are the Benefits of Removing Duckweed from My Aquarium?

If left unchecked, duckweed can quickly overtake an aquarium, blocking out light and taking up valuable space. It can also disturb the natural balance of the aquarium by competing with other plants for nutrients and oxygen. This can lead to a decrease in the overall quality of the water and can even cause the death of fish and other aquatic creatures. Removing duckweed can help to restore the balance of the aquarium and will help to keep the water clean and healthy for all the inhabitants.

How Can I Get Rid of Duckweed?

The best way to get rid of duckweed is to physically remove it from the tank. This can be done by using a net or a scoop to scoop up the plant and discard it. It is important to make sure that all of the plant is removed since any small pieces left behind can quickly regrow and take over the tank again. If the duckweed is too thick, it can also be helpful to use a vacuum to suck up the plant.

What Else Can I Do to Prevent Duckweed from Growing Back?

In addition to physically removing the duckweed, there are a few other steps that can be taken to help keep the plant from growing back. It is important to keep the tank clean and free of debris and uneaten food as this can provide nutrients for the plant. Also, it can help to reduce the amount of light in the tank, as duckweed loves bright, sunny environments. Finally, it can be helpful to introduce natural predators to the tank, such as fish or snails, which can help to keep the duckweed under control.

Can I Use Chemicals to Get Rid of Duckweed?

Chemicals should be avoided when trying to get rid of duckweed, as they can be harmful to the fish and other aquatic creatures in the tank. In addition, they can also be harmful to the environment if they are not used properly. It is much better to stick to physical removal and other natural methods when trying to get rid of duckweed.


Removing duckweed from an aquarium can be a difficult task, but it is important to keep the plant under control. The best way to get rid of duckweed is to physically remove it from the tank, but other steps such as keeping the tank clean and introducing natural predators can also be helpful. Avoiding the use of chemicals is also important, as these can be harmful to both the tank and the environment. With patience and perseverance, you can keep your aquarium free of duckweed and keep it looking great.

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