Will Duckweed Kill Java Moss?

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In the world of aquascaping, it's important to understand what will and will not work when it comes to using various plants. The combination of duckweed and java moss might seem like a perfect match, but can actually be a deadly combination for both plants. The question of whether duckweed will kill java moss is an important one, as it can decide the fate of a thriving aquarium.

What is Duckweed?

Duckweed is a small, floating aquatic plant that's scientifically known as Wolffia arrhiza. It's a free-floating plant, meaning it's not rooted and grows on the surface of the water. Due to its fast-growing nature, it can quickly cover the surface of a tank and block out light, leading to an imbalance in the tank. Duckweed also produces lots of oxygen and can quickly deplete the oxygen levels in the water, leading to fish death.

What is Java Moss?

Java moss is an aquatic plant that's scientifically known as Taxiphyllum barbieri. It's a slow-growing plant that's often used in aquariums to decorate the tank and provide a place for fish to hide. It's an easy plant to care for, as it doesn't require much light, and can grow in both fresh and saltwater tanks. It also helps keep the water clean by absorbing nitrates and other pollutants, making it a great choice for small aquariums.

Will Duckweed Kill Java Moss?

The short answer is yes, duckweed can kill java moss. The two plants have very different needs, and when paired together, can create an unhealthy environment for both plants. Duckweed needs lots of light, while Java moss needs very little. If too much light is introduced to the tank, the java moss will be overwhelmed and die. The duckweed will also compete with the java moss for food and oxygen, which can lead to the java moss becoming stunted and eventually dying.

How to Prevent Duckweed From Killing Java Moss

If you want to keep both plants alive, it's important to keep them in separate tanks. If you're set on having both plants in the same tank, you need to make sure there's enough light for both plants. The duckweed will need more light, so make sure the tank has a light that can be adjusted depending on the needs of each plant. You should also make sure the tank has a good filtration system, as this will help keep the water clean and provide enough oxygen for both plants.


Duckweed and java moss can be great additions to any aquarium, but it's important to understand the needs of each plant before adding them to the same tank. Too much light, or a lack of oxygen, can be deadly for both plants, so it's important to make sure the tank is set up properly for both. If you can't provide the right environment for both plants, it's best to keep them in separate tanks to ensure they both stay healthy and happy.

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