What Are The Least Aggressive African Cichlids?

The Top 5 Least Aggressive Cichlids Live Fish Direct
The Top 5 Least Aggressive Cichlids Live Fish Direct from www.livefishdirect.com

What Are the Least Aggressive African Cichlids?

Understanding the African Cichlid

African cichlids are a group of freshwater fish native to the waters of East Africa, including the Nile, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Malawi. They are one of the most popular types of aquarium fish due to their bright colors, intelligence, and easy care. They are also one of the most diverse groups of fish with over 2000 species.

Most African cichlids are highly territorial and aggressive, making them unsuitable for aquariums housing other species of fish. However, there are some species that are less aggressive than others. These fish can be kept in community aquariums without causing too much trouble.

The Least Aggressive African Cichlids

The least aggressive African cichlids include the following species: Labidochromis caeruleus, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Pseudotropheus saulosi, Metriaclima estherae, Pseudotropheus lombardoi, Labeotropheus trewavasae, Julidochromis transcriptus, Aulonocara baenschi, and Pseudotropheus socolofi.

These fish are all relatively small (no more than 6 inches in length) and very peaceful. They are not likely to cause any trouble in a community aquarium, and even the males will rarely fight with one another. They are also quite hardy, making them a good choice for beginner aquarists.

Care and Feeding

Least aggressive African cichlids are easy to care for as long as their basic needs are met. They require a tank of at least 30 gallons, and prefer water with a pH of 7.5 to 8.5 and a temperature of 76 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. They are omnivorous and should be fed a varied diet of frozen and live foods.

These fish are also very social, so it is best to keep them in groups of at least six. This will help to reduce aggression and ensure that they are getting enough food. It is also important to provide plenty of hiding places to help them feel secure.


Least aggressive African cichlids are a great choice for beginner aquarists who are looking for a peaceful, colorful fish that is easy to care for. They are a good option for community aquariums, and can be kept in groups of six or more. With the proper care and diet, they can live for many years and bring a lot of joy to their owners.

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