How To Put Anubias On Driftwood

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What You Need

If you’re looking to add a bit of greenery to your aquarium, Anubias is a great choice. It’s hardy and easy to care for, and it’s also aesthetically pleasing. However, if you want to add Anubias to your aquarium, you’ll need a few things: driftwood, Anubias rhizome, and thread, as well as a pair of scissors.

Driftwood is an important part of the equation, as it’s the base on which the Anubias will grow. Make sure you select driftwood that’s not too large or too small for your aquarium. You don’t want it to overwhelm the aquarium or be so small that it’s difficult to attach the Anubias rhizome.

Anubias rhizomes are the crown-like structures with roots that attach to the driftwood. They come in a range of sizes, so you’ll want to select one that fits the driftwood you’ve chosen.

Thread is used to attach the Anubias rhizome to the driftwood, so make sure you have some on hand.

Steps to Attach Anubias to Driftwood

Once you have all the items you need, you can begin the process of attaching the Anubias to the driftwood.

The first step is to prepare the driftwood. Cut off any branches, twigs, or other objects that could get in the way of attaching the Anubias to the driftwood.

The next step is to attach the Anubias rhizome to the driftwood. To do this, cut a piece of thread that’s long enough to wrap around the driftwood and the Anubias rhizome. Then, wrap the thread around both the driftwood and the Anubias rhizome in a figure eight pattern. Make sure the thread is tight enough that the Anubias rhizome is securely attached to the driftwood.

Once the Anubias rhizome is attached to the driftwood, it’s time to place the driftwood in the aquarium. Make sure the driftwood is securely fastened to the bottom of the aquarium with rocks or other heavy objects.

Caring for Anubias Attached to Driftwood

Once the Anubias is attached to the driftwood, you’ll need to take care of it. Make sure the water is at the proper temperature and pH level for the Anubias. You’ll also want to make sure the water is well-aerated and the driftwood is not in direct sunlight.

You should also be sure to trim any dead or dying leaves or stems that may be crowding the Anubias. Dead or dying leaves or stems can block light and water from reaching the Anubias, which can lead to unhealthy plants.

Finally, you should fertilize the Anubias on a regular basis. Fertilizers can help the Anubias grow and thrive, so make sure to use one that’s suitable for aquatic plants.


Attaching Anubias to driftwood is a great way to add greenery to your aquarium. With the right supplies and a bit of care, you can have a beautiful Anubias display in no time.

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