How To Plant Anubias Nangi

Anubia Nangi Potted Aquatic Plant Large Wattley Discus
Anubia Nangi Potted Aquatic Plant Large Wattley Discus from

What is Anubias Nangi?

Anubias nangi is a species of aquatic plants found in tropical areas, such as Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. The plant is known for its hardy nature and can survive in a wide range of aquariums, including those with low light and low nutrient levels. It is also an attractive addition to any aquarium, with its bright green leaves and interesting texture. Anubias nangi is an easy to care for plant and requires minimal maintenance, making it a great choice for those looking to add some greenery to their aquarium.

How to Plant Anubias Nangi

The first step in planting Anubias nangi is to secure the plant in the substrate. Anubias nangi can be planted in gravel, sand, or even directly into the substrate itself. If planting in gravel or sand, choose a substrate with a fine grain size, as this will help keep the plant in place. Once the substrate is in place, carefully place the Anubias nangi on top and gently press it down into the substrate. Make sure to leave some room between the substrate and the root of the Anubias, as this will help the plant spread over time.

The next step is to add some fertilizer to the aquarium. Anubias nangi is an easy to care for plant and does not require a lot of nutrients to thrive. However, if you want to help the plant grow and stay healthy, adding a fertilizer to the water can help. There are several types of aquarium fertilizers available, so choose one that is designed for Anubias nangi. Once the fertilizer is in the water, it can begin to help the plant reach its full potential.

Caring for Anubias Nangi

Anubias nangi is a hardy plant and does not require a lot of care. It should be kept in a temperature range of 75-80F, with a pH of 6.5 - 7.5. It is important to keep the water clean and free of any excess nutrients or pollutants, as this can cause the plant to become unhealthy or die. Anubias nangi also prefers a low light environment, so make sure to keep the lights off during the night if possible.

Additionally, Anubias nangi does not require any pruning or trimming, but it can be done if the plant is becoming too large or taking over the aquarium. To prune, simply snip off any leaves or stems that are becoming too large or are taking up too much space. Make sure to leave some of the leaves intact, as these are important for the plant's health.


Anubias nangi is a great addition to any aquarium and is an easy to care for plant. With proper care, it will thrive and can add a beautiful touch of greenery to any aquarium. Make sure to keep the water clean and free of pollutants, as well as to keep the temperature and pH within the proper range. Additionally, fertilizer can help the plant reach its full potential, but make sure to choose a fertilizer that is specifically designed for Anubias nangi. With a little bit of care, Anubias nangi can be a beautiful, long-lasting addition to any aquarium.

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