Can Anubias Grow From Leaves?


Anubias is a genus of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants from the family Araceae. It is one of the most popular aquatic plants for aquariums. Anubias plants are native to tropical rainforests in Africa and are usually found growing on rocks, logs, and other underwater surfaces. They can also be grown in soil, but this is not recommended. The plants are often seen as ornamental additions to aquariums, but they also provide beneficial filtration for the water. So, can anubias grow from leaves?

The answer is yes, anubias plants can grow from their leaves. This is because the leaves are produced in the form of a rhizome, which is an underground stem. These rhizomes can be separated and each piece can be planted separately. As long as the piece has some of the root system still intact and the conditions are right, the plant should be able to grow from the leaf. It is important to note that the leaves should not be planted directly in the substrate of the aquarium, as this could cause them to rot.

How to Grow Anubias From Leaves

The process of growing anubias from leaves is relatively simple. First, you will need to collect the leaves from the mother plant. Carefully remove the leaf from the rhizome without damaging the root system. Once you have the leaf, you can place it in the aquarium in a location where it will receive some light. You can also wrap the leaf in sphagnum moss or place it in a mesh bag to help keep it in place.

Once the leaf is in place, you need to ensure that the water temperature and pH levels are correct for the plant. Anubias plants prefer warm temperatures between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5. Anubias also prefers soft water with a hardness rating of 10 degrees or lower. You may also want to add some aquarium fertilizer to the water to provide the plant with additional nutrients.

Once the water parameters are correct, the anubias should start to grow in a few weeks. The leaf should start to grow new roots that will take hold in the substrate of the aquarium. The new leaves should start to appear in a few months and the rhizome will continue to grow as the plant matures. Over time, you will be able to divide the rhizome and propagate more plants from the leaves.

Caring for Anubias Plants

Anubias plants are relatively low maintenance and do not require much attention. However, they do need some basic care and maintenance to remain healthy and thrive. The plant should receive some light and should be fertilized regularly to ensure that it has enough nutrients to grow properly. The leaves should also be trimmed or pruned regularly to keep the plant from becoming too large or unruly.

Anubias also needs to be monitored for signs of disease or pest infestations. The leaves can become discolored or spotted if the plant becomes sick and needs to be treated. Algae can also be an issue and should be monitored and managed with the use of aquarium snails or algae eating fish.

Final Thoughts

Anubias is a great addition to any aquarium and can easily be grown from its leaves. The process is relatively simple and does not require much effort or maintenance. With proper care and maintenance, anubias plants can thrive, providing a beautiful and beneficial addition to your aquarium.

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