What Can I Put With African Cichlids?

Tank Mates For African Cichlid & Compatibility Chart
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What Can I Put with African Cichlids?

An Introduction to African Cichlids

African cichlids are a group of fish that are native to the African continent and are a popular choice among aquarists. These fish come in a variety of colors and sizes and can make a lovely addition to any aquarium. As with any fish, it is important to research the fish you are interested in and determine what kind of environment they need to thrive. African cichlids require a slightly higher pH level than some other fish, as well as different water hardness levels. It is also important to understand what type of tankmates they are suited to live with.

Choosing the Right Tankmates for African Cichlids

When selecting tankmates for African cichlids, it is important to keep in mind their temperament and size. African cichlids are generally aggressive and territorial, so the fish you choose to live with them should be peaceful and non-aggressive. It's also important to select tankmates that are similar in size to the African cichlids. Smaller fish can easily become prey and larger fish may be aggressive towards the cichlids. It is best to choose fish that are similar in size and temperament to the cichlids.

Suitable Tankmates for African Cichlids

There are a variety of fish that are suitable tankmates for African cichlids. Tetras, gouramis, catfish, and some types of barbs are all good choices. Some of the larger catfish, such as plecos, can also make good tankmates. Other fish that can be kept with African cichlids include some of the livebearers, such as platies and mollies, as well as some of the smaller cichlids, such as the Kribensis.

Unsuitable Tankmates for African Cichlids

It is important to avoid introducing fish that are too small or too aggressive to the tank. Fish such as angelfish and discus are not suitable tankmates for African cichlids, as they are too peaceful and can easily become prey. It is also important to avoid fish with similar body shapes and colors, as the cichlids may become territorial and aggressive towards them. Fish such as goldfish, guppies, and bettas should also be avoided as they are not well suited to the higher pH and hardness levels needed for African cichlids.


African cichlids can make a wonderful addition to any aquarium, but it is important to select the right tankmates. It is best to choose fish that are similar in size, temperament, and water requirements to the African cichlids. Fish such as tetras, gouramis, catfish, and barbs are all good choices. Avoid fish that are too small, too aggressive, or have similar body shapes and colors to the cichlids. By choosing the right tankmates, you can create a beautiful and peaceful environment for your African cichlids.

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