How To Weigh Down Hornwort For Aquariums

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What is Hornwort?

Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) is an aquatic plant commonly used as an aquarium plant. It is an attractive addition to any aquarium, providing texture and color to the water. Hornwort is a floating plant, meaning it does not require substrate to survive. Instead, it grows in the water column and is anchored by its roots.

Hornwort is easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance and no additional fertilizers or additives. It is also quite hardy and will usually survive in a variety of water conditions, as long as they are not extreme. Hornwort is a great choice for beginners, as it is a low-maintenance plant that can survive in a wide range of water conditions.

Why Do You Need to Weigh Down Hornwort?

Despite its hardiness, hornwort can be a challenge to keep in place in the aquarium. This is because it is a floating plant, meaning it can easily be pushed around by the water currents in the tank. If the hornwort is not kept in place, it can block out light and make it difficult for other plants to survive.

To keep the hornwort in place, you need to weigh it down. You can do this with a number of materials, including rocks, aquarium gravel, or substrate. You can also purchase special weights designed specifically for weighing down hornwort. However, these can be expensive and are not always necessary.

How to Weigh Down Hornwort

Step 1: Find a Suitable Weight

The best way to weigh down hornwort is to find a suitable weight. This could be a rock, aquarium gravel, or substrate. The weight should be heavy enough to keep the hornwort in place, but not so heavy that it will damage the roots of the plant.

If you are using a rock, make sure it is non-toxic and aquarium-safe. It should also be heavy enough that it will not be moved around by the water currents in the tank.

Step 2: Place the Weight

Once you have chosen a suitable weight, you need to place it in the tank. Place the weight near the bottom of the tank and gently press it into the aquarium gravel or substrate. This will help to keep the weight in place and ensure that the hornwort is weighed down properly.

Step 3: Secure the Hornwort

Once the weight is in place, you need to secure the hornwort to the weight. This can be done by tying the roots of the hornwort to the weight, using a thin piece of string or thread. Make sure the string is not too tight, as this can damage the roots of the plant.

Step 4: Monitor and Adjust as Needed

Once the hornwort is secured to the weight, you need to monitor it to make sure it is staying in place. If the hornwort begins to drift away from the weight, you may need to adjust the string to make it tighter. If the hornwort is still not staying in place, you may need to increase the weight or use a heavier weight.


Weighing down hornwort is an important part of keeping it in place in the aquarium. By using a suitable weight and securing the hornwort to it with string or thread, you can ensure that the hornwort stays in place and does not drift away. This will help to keep your aquarium looking its best and ensure that your other plants are not blocked out of the light.

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