How To Tie Anubias To Stick In An Aquarium

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Anubias is an aquatic plant that is often used for aquariums. It is a slow-growing plant but very hardy and can thrive in most water conditions. It can also tolerate low light levels, making it great for low-tech aquariums. Tying anubias to sticks is a great way to add this plant to your aquarium without taking up too much space. It also gives your aquarium a unique look. In this article, we will discuss how to tie anubias to a stick already in your aquarium.

Steps to Tie Anubias to Stick

Tying anubias to a stick is a relatively simple process. It does require some patience and precision, so make sure to take your time and follow the steps below for best results.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

The first step is to gather the supplies. You will need an anubias plant, a stick, some fishing line, and scissors. The stick should be thick enough for the anubias to attach to, but not so thick that it is difficult to tie the fishing line around. The fishing line should be thin enough to tie securely, but not so thin that it breaks easily.

Step 2: Prepare the Stick

Next, you need to prepare the stick. Make sure to trim off any loose pieces or splinters and then tie a loop in the end of the fishing line. This loop will be used to attach the anubias to the stick.

Step 3: Attach the Anubias

Now it’s time to attach the anubias to the stick. Take the anubias plant and tie the fishing line around the stem, making sure to leave enough slack for the anubias to move. Then, attach the loop of the fishing line to the end of the stick.

Step 4: Secure the Anubias

Once the anubias is attached to the stick, it’s time to secure it. Take the fishing line and wrap it around the stem of the anubias tightly. Make sure to not wrap it too tight, as this could damage the stem of the plant. Once you have secured the anubias to the stick, you can trim off any excess fishing line.

Step 5: Place the Stick in the Aquarium

Now that the anubias is securely attached to the stick, it’s time to place it in the aquarium. Make sure to choose a spot that has plenty of light, but not too much. Anubias can tolerate low light levels, but too much light can cause it to grow too quickly and become leggy. Once the stick is in the aquarium, it is ready to be enjoyed!


Tying anubias to a stick is a great way to add this beautiful aquatic plant to your aquarium. It is a relatively easy process, but requires some patience and precision. Make sure to follow the steps outlined in this article for best results. With the right care, anubias can thrive in most aquariums and will provide a unique and beautiful look to your tank.

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