How To Grow Hornwort In 2023

How to Care for Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) in Aquariums & Ponds
How to Care for Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) in Aquariums & Ponds from


Hornwort is an aquatic plant that is widely used in aquariums and ponds to help maintain a healthy and balanced environment. Hornwort is a great plant for beginners and experienced aquarists alike, as it is quite easy to grow and maintain. It is a hardy plant that can survive in a variety of temperatures and water conditions. Hornwort also provides great shelter and hiding places for small fish and invertebrates. In this article, we will discuss how to properly grow, maintain, and care for Hornwort in 2023.

Steps to Growing Hornwort

The first step in growing Hornwort is to choose an appropriate aquarium or pond environment. Hornwort prefers a temperature range between 68-78°F. It is also important to have the proper lighting, as Hornwort needs at least 8 hours of light per day to thrive. Additionally, Hornwort needs to be placed in an area with plenty of oxygen. To achieve this, you can either add an air stone to the aquarium or use a power filter to increase the oxygen content of the water.

Once you have chosen an appropriate growing environment for your Hornwort, the next step is to provide the necessary nutrients. Hornwort needs a combination of nitrates and phosphates to remain healthy and vibrant. This can be accomplished by adding fertilizer pellets to the aquarium or pond, or by adding a liquid fertilizer. Hornwort also needs a variety of trace elements such as iron, magnesium, and potassium to remain healthy and vibrant. These trace elements can be added using an aquarium or pond supplement.

The next step in growing Hornwort is to give it plenty of space. Hornwort grows quite quickly and can easily take over an aquarium or pond. It is important to provide plenty of space for the Hornwort to spread out and not overcrowd other plants. Additionally, Hornwort likes to be planted in groups, so make sure to provide enough space for multiple plants to grow together.

Maintenance and Care

Once you have planted your Hornwort, it is important to maintain and care for it properly. Hornwort needs to be pruned regularly to keep it from taking over the aquarium or pond. Additionally, Hornwort needs to be kept clean by removing dead leaves and stems. This can be done by gently pulling the dead leaves off with your fingers or using tweezers.

Hornwort also needs to have its water changed on a regular basis. It prefers water that is slightly acidic with a pH between 6.5-7.5. Hornwort also likes water with a medium hardness and it should be changed every two weeks or so. Additionally, Hornwort should be fed with a liquid fertilizer every two weeks to ensure it has all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and vibrant.

Pests and Diseases

Hornwort is relatively pest free, but it is important to watch out for snails, algae, and other aquatic pests that can cause damage to the plant. Additionally, Hornwort is susceptible to a few diseases such as root rot and blight. These diseases can be prevented by maintaining a clean and healthy aquarium or pond environment.


Hornwort is a great plant for both beginner and experienced aquarists alike. It is easy to grow and maintain, and provides a great hiding place and shelter for small fish and invertebrates. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily grow and maintain Hornwort in your aquarium or pond in 2023.

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