How To Get Rid Of Algae Without Killing Marimo Ball

Marimo moss balls Great balls of algae for your underwater terrarium
Marimo moss balls Great balls of algae for your underwater terrarium from

What is Marimo Ball?

A Marimo ball is a unique type of moss that grows in round balls. It is a common aquatic plant, native to lakes and rivers in northern Europe, Japan and Iceland. Marimo balls have become popular aquarium plants because of their interesting appearance and their low maintenance requirements. As Marimo balls are made of moss, they are very sensitive to changes in their environment. Because of this, they are particularly vulnerable to algae growth.

What is Algae?

Algae are simple plants that live in both fresh and saltwater. Algae can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be found in all aquatic environments. Algae are generally harmless but can cause problems if they grow out of control. Algae growth can be caused by a number of factors including excessive nutrients, sunlight, and warm temperatures.

Why is Algae a Problem for Marimo Balls?

Marimo balls are especially vulnerable to algae because of their low nutrient requirements. Algae are fast-growing and can quickly outcompete Marimo balls for nutrients. This can cause Marimo balls to become weak and die. Algae can also block light from reaching the Marimo ball, which can cause further damage. If left unchecked, algae can cause an aquarium to become completely overgrown with algae, and the Marimo balls may become completely smothered.

How to Get Rid of Algae Without Killing the Marimo Ball?

The best way to get rid of algae without killing the Marimo ball is to reduce the nutrients in the water. This can be done by doing regular water changes and reducing the amount of food given to the fish. Another way to reduce algae is to reduce the amount of light in the aquarium. This can be done by using a low wattage bulb or using a cover for the aquarium. You can also use chemical treatments, such as algae-eating fish or algae-killing products, but these should be used with caution.

How to Prevent Algae from Growing Again?

Once the algae has been removed, there are a few steps that can be taken to prevent it from growing again. The first step is to ensure that the water parameters are correct for the Marimo ball. This means that the water should be at the right pH level and should not have any excessive nutrients or pollutants. Additionally, the aquarium should be kept free of debris and any dead plant matter should be removed immediately.


Algae can be a major problem for Marimo balls, but it can be prevented and controlled. The best way to do this is to reduce the nutrients in the water and reduce the amount of light in the aquarium. Additionally, regular water changes and removing any dead plant matter can help to keep the aquarium free of algae. With the right care and attention, you can keep your Marimo ball healthy and free of algae.

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