How To Attach Anubias Nana To Driftwood

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Having a beautiful and thriving planted aquarium is a goal for many aquarists, but it can be difficult to achieve without the right knowledge. Anubias Nana is one of the most popular aquarium plants, and attaching it to driftwood is an easy way to create a beautiful and natural-looking setup. In this article, we'll discuss why Anubias Nana is a great choice for planted tanks, and we'll take a detailed look at how to attach Anubias Nana to driftwood.

Why Anubias Nana?

Anubias Nana is a popular choice for aquariums because it's easy to care for and doesn't require a lot of light or fertilization. Anubias Nana is an epiphyte, which means it grows on the surface of other plants or objects in the aquarium, such as driftwood. This makes it a great choice for beginners, as it's very low-maintenance. Anubias Nana also has a very attractive appearance, with its bright green leaves and small, delicate flowers.

How to Attach Anubias Nana to Driftwood

Attaching Anubias Nana to driftwood is a relatively easy process, but it's important to do it correctly to ensure that the plant is secure and can thrive. The first step is to choose the right driftwood for the job. Driftwood should be well-cured and free of parasites, and it should be the right size for the Anubias Nana. The driftwood should be large enough to provide a secure anchor for the plant, but not so large that it takes up too much space in the tank.

Once you have the right driftwood, the next step is to attach the Anubias Nana to it. Start by tying a piece of fishing line or thread around the base of the Anubias Nana and leave a long tail. Next, tie the line to the driftwood, making sure that the Anubias Nana is securely attached. Once the plant is attached, you can adjust the length of the line to get the desired effect.

Once the Anubias Nana is securely attached to the driftwood, you can add it to your aquarium. If you're using a substrate, you can bury the driftwood in the substrate to keep it secure. Alternatively, you can use aquarium-safe glue to attach the driftwood to rocks or other objects in the tank. Once the Anubias Nana is in place, it should start to grow and spread over the driftwood.

Tips for Caring for Anubias Nana

Once you've attached your Anubias Nana to the driftwood, it's important to provide it with the right care to ensure that it thrives. Anubias Nana does best in aquariums with moderate lighting and regular fertilization. If the aquarium is lightly planted, you may need to supplement with liquid fertilizer to ensure that the Anubias Nana is getting enough nutrients. Anubias Nana also prefers water with a neutral to slightly acidic pH, and should be kept in water temperatures between 72-82F.

Anubias Nana should also be trimmed regularly to keep it looking its best. Trimming the plant will help to keep it compact and encourage new growth, and it will also help to reduce the risk of algae growing on the leaves. Trimming should be done with sharp, sterile scissors and the trimmings should be removed from the aquarium, as they can quickly decay and lead to water quality problems.


Attaching Anubias Nana to driftwood is a great way to create a beautiful and natural-looking aquarium. Anubias Nana is a low-maintenance plant that does best in moderate lighting and regular fertilization, and it should be trimmed regularly to keep it looking its best. With the right care, Anubias Nana can thrive in your aquarium and add a unique and eye-catching element to your setup.

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